Well, hello, intrepid explorers! Welcome to my brand-new DW. :D

So I will be posting fanfiction that I write. This fanfiction is (for the moment) all Alex Rider and Harry Potter.

I believe that is all that I wanted to say. So, explore my DW, and comment if you want. ^_^


From: [identity profile] arithilim.livejournal.com

Yay, you got the future date thing to work :D And btw, have I ever said how much I adore your journal theme? I love the font of your title, seriously ^_^
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From: [identity profile] jusmine984.livejournal.com

Yep, I did indeed get the future date thing (my, how descriptive we are) to work! I tried to set it to 3000, but it didn't work... :(

Ooh, I love my journal theme, too! It took me forever to find the one I wanted. I wanted it to be dark... I'm very fascinated with blacks and dark browns at the moment. lol. And pink, as per usual. :D

From: [identity profile] hpstrangelove.livejournal.com

I just wanted to let you know I friended you to keep track of your fic updates here on LJ, in case you're wondering who I am. I get here to LJ everyday and only to FF once a week or so. I really enjoy your writing (even if it makes me sad).
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From: [identity profile] jusmine984.livejournal.com

Darn. I was hoping I had a stalker!


And why is everybody saying that my writing makes them sad? I've only killed Alex 5 times!!!! lol.

Thanks for enjoying my writing. :D
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From: [personal profile] lawl

Hm, I just wanted to leave a comment on your shiny new DW. I don't really have anything to say. Besides that you're awesome, of course.

Oh, and IBFF4L! (Internet Best Friends Forever For Life) <3


And that I greatly enjoy your current icon. Don't think I told you that yet...^_^
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From: [personal profile] octsky

Hello! This is nuclearxsquid on livejournal, but I got a shiney dreamwidth, too! I just haven't begun posting on it yet >_>.

Anyways, -waves-, I'm going to add you to my... circle... or whatever it be on here...!


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